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Fr. Bryan Hehir’s buddy, Jack Connors, Jr, is in the news yet again.  When last we gathered here to talk about Jack Connors, he was helping organize support to raise money for pro-abort VP Joe Biden.   Apparently, no one told Mr. Connors that was a no-no, so he’s one-upped himself and just raised $2M for an even more egregiously pro-abort and pro-gay politician, President Obama.  What do we hear from Cardinal O’Malley about this?  (Hint, think of the name of a Simon and Garfunkel song).  The sound of silence.

Even though Bryan Hehir hasn’t done much new lately to merit a post, Jack’s done enough that we think Bryan Hehir Exposed readers should take action and ask the Vatican to intervene.  Click here to sign the petition sponsored by Boston Catholic Insider asking the Papal Nuncio and Vatican to intervene and do something about the mess that Cardinal O’Malley’s allowed.

Over at Boston Catholic Insider, this post mentioned our good friend, Bryan Hehir, as one of the reasons behind Cardinal O’Malley’s failure to effectively defend life in recent years:

If indeed Sean Patrick is the “pastor” (think Latin) of his flock, he is called to consistently and frequently behave as if he believes that abortion stops a beating heart. He must publicly teach that the fragile women who seek abortions, and their children, not yet born, at risk of death, need everyone’s support. He needs to privately call out Jack Connors, and publicly ask him what he’s done lately to help the most vulnerable among us — women who can see no other solution than abortion, and their children who deserve life (and a good one at that). Are these not as worthy as those who receive face transplants, and “miracle” cancer cures at Jack Connors’ hospitals? Where’s the Partners Healthcare PR about supporting women at risk of abortion and their babies who need to breathe life?

But we need to change, too. We need to understand that the woman who is sufficiently desperate to seek an abortion will tell you that her primary “problem” is not that she is pregnant. It is homelessness, or violent physical abuse, or substance use, or some very real and desperate fear of the responsibility for this child, that takes her to an abortion provider. But once the abortion is over, the problems she took into the clinic with her remain. The only difference is that she isn’t pregnant. And she has a new problem… the day she eventually wakes up — and it is inevitable — and realizes that her child died. All in all, a messier conversation than, “Abortion is wrong.” Takes a lot more thought and work.

But Sean doesn’t want to do the work… to speak up. He doesn’t want to demand that his well-heeled friends support these women and their fragile, unborn children. Why? Because Bryan Hehir won’t LET him. Hehir will let him walk in the Boston Life Walk in October (though note Hehir, who oversees “Life” from his cabinet position, does not appear), and he will let him “march” in DC in January. But that’s about it. No point “offending” people and “marginalizing” himself by stirring up the conversation that Hehir proclaims (and I heard him say this) “will never be solved in our lifetime.” If that’s the most rigorous intellectual argument Hehir can raise for the cardinal’s cowering at a public discourse on alternatives to abortion, the Kennedy School of Government is not getting its money’s worth letting Hehir occupy an endowed chair.

To Bryan Hehir: Among problems that will not be solved in your (or my) lifetime: Homelessness, cancer, and not even baldness. But WE will be judged — not on some progress measured by the arbitrary yardstick of our lifetime — but by the quality and effectiveness of our efforts to provide another way for these women and their children.

Sean flunks the test because he demonstrates a consistent and longstanding pattern of mere lip service to an abortion conversation, and utterly fails to rally the likes of Jack Connors in the support of abortion alternatives in Boston. Why? He fails to act solely in deference to Bryan Hehir’s undue influence and insatiable addiction for political expediency. Sean doesn’t flunk merely by bowing down to Jack Connors, and failing to send him packing from the Finance Council. He fails utterly because he has a longstanding pattern of failing to act to find another way for these women and their children. FACTA NON VERBA, Sean. And that’s why you who read BCI should write to the nuncio.

Cardinal O’Malley flunks for caving in to Bryan Hehir. And Bryan Hehir flunks for his pattern of relativism and compromise. Seems he and Sean have  also not learned much from Hehir’s history of being wrong on just about every big issue he’s taken up for the past 40 years.  How much you want to bet that Bryan still thinks his position on nuclear disarmament was right, the Call to Action conference was a good thing, it was OK to honor the pro-abort, pro-gay Mayor Menino at that Catholic Charities fundraiser, and it was a good thing for Catholic Charities to broker adoptions and place young children with gay parents?  I betcha neither Sean or Bryan has ever mentioned the word ‘abortion” to Jack Connors.

Bryan Hehir will say, “We can’t fight abortion (or gay marriage) on Beacon Hill because it will alienate our allies.”  What allies?  All of the Catholic legislators vote against the Church on abortion and “gay marriage” anyway.

Bryan Hehir will say, “This is a complicated issue.”  Everything is complicated. As though no other mind can handle “complicated” issues” like abortion or “gay marriage” but his.

Bryan Hehir will say, “We live in a complex pluralistic society” and so we need to compromise. No–because of societal values, we need to hold even stronger to our beliefs, not compromise them.

Bryan Hehir or his like-minded colleagues will say, “We can’t fight ___ because if we lose on this issue, then it sets a precedent and we’ll probably then lose on this next one.”  So that means you don’t even try?

But for now,  Jack’s influence as one of the shadow archbishops in Boston needs to end.  Take Action today in the Stop the Scandal campaign and let the Vatican know what you think.

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