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By now you have probably heard that the Obama administration just declared they will no longer defend the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) that defines marriage as the union between a man and a woman. We pause briefly from our campaign to block the Archdiocese of Boston’s terrible Catholic schools admission policy to tell you what to do on the marriage issue.

This is a constitutional crisis.  The citizens of this country have a right to have a law passed by their duly elected representatives defended.  Obama and his administration are violating his oath of office to defend the laws and constitution of the U.S.

People like Fr. Bryan Hehir, have directly or indirectly contributed to this situation.  As you know, he continues to back the the so-called “Catholic” Campaign for Human Development, which funded ACORN–who in turn did community organizing that helped get Obama elected in the first place, and who also funded groups that backed abortion and gay rights.  The Bryan Hehir trail on his support for liberal Democratic causes that helped get us here is too long to go into again right now.

The USCCB came out with a statement yesterday:

The U.S. bishops’ Office of General Counsel said the Obama administration’s decision to no longer support the Defense of Marriage Act in legal challenges ahead “represents an abdication” of its “constitutional obligation to ensure that laws of the United States are faithfully executed.”

“Marriage has been understood for millennia and across cultures as the union of one man and one woman,” the office said in a statement issued Feb. 23 after President Barack Obama instructed the Justice Department to stop defending the federal law passed by Congress and signed into law in 1996 by President Bill Clinton.

A few weeks ago, the Massachusetts Bishops and Mass Catholic Conference did file what sounds to us like a feeble, uncompelling amicus brief in opposition to the federal court ruling that said DOMA was unconstitutional.  But they have not yet issued a statement on this latest issue–probably because Fr. Hehir has oversight for them, and doesn’t care about this issue.

So far, the National Organization for Marriage is the best place we have found for resources on how to take action. Here is their email alert, with a link on how to take action.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011 

Dear Marriage Supporters,

This may be the most important email I’ve ever sent to you. Please read, take action and forward this message to at least 5 friends immediately.

The Obama administration has just announced that they will no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) in court. In a statement released this morning, Attorney General Eric Holder explained that President Obama has decided that the definition of marriage contained in DOMA is unconstitutional, and has ordered that the Department of Justice should abdicate its constitutional duty and no longer defend DOMA against constitutional challenges.

This is it. The whole ball game. If we back down here, it will be all over.

It’s a constitutional outrage. Why do we even have courts if the President himself gets to decide which laws are constitutional?

But it’s not too late. Attorney General Holder admitted that Congress now has the ability to step in and defend DOMA. And that’s why we need your help.

Congress has the authority to independently defend the laws which it has passed. And we fully expect that Congress will intervene to defend DOMA in federal court – especially now that the Department of Justice has formally announced that it will no longer do so.

Email your congressman today!
Tell them that you expect them to fully support Congressional action to intervene in the DOMA litigation to protect marriage and the Defense of Marriage Act.

It’s outrageous that President Obama would make himself the sole arbiter of whether DOMA is constitutional – our laws deserve a full and fair defense. If the Obama administration refuses to do so, it’s time for Congress to act today!

And don’t forget – Please forward this message to at least 5 friends right away. We need to take action immediately. Don’t let Congress off the hook – ask your friends to join you in demanding Congress to take action today!


Brian S. Brown,
National Organization for Marriage

Click on the following link to Email your congressman. Do take action today, and please send the message from the National Organization for Marriage on to others.

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