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Last week we told you that the search for the new leader of the public policy arm of the Mass Catholic Bishops  is tainted from the get-go by having two people on the search committee who have supported pro-abortion Catholic politicians. People have called and emailed Bishop George Coleman of the Fall River Diocese, who is heading the search.  Though the people answering the phone have been pleasant and have forwarded messages on to the Bishop, as far as we can tell, nothing has changed.  Today we raise the volume level up a couple of notches with our FedUp campaign. Click on the button now–it will take only 1 minute of your time.

Why would solid faithful Catholics want to even throw their name in the application process when you have 2 of 5 search committee members they’d have to meet who have opposed the Catholic Church by publicly supporting pro-abortion Catholic politicians?  This is absurd!!  If you’re FedUp, today is the day to ratchet-up the complaints to the Holy See by sending a letter via Fax or email to the Holy Father, Bishop Coleman, the Papal Nuncio, the prefect of the Congregation of Bishops, Cardinal O’Malley, and Cardinal-designate Raymond Burke (Congratulations to him!!)

Here is the letter we have prepared that you can sign and fax/email off with the push of a button.

I am writing to ask that you intervene in the search process for the new Executive Director of the Massachusetts Catholic Conference to remove two search committee members with backgrounds of support for pro-abortion politicians.

The search committee announced on October 13 includes Sr. Annette McDermott, SSJ representing the Diocese of Springfield and Mr. James Brett, President and CEO of the New England Council representing the Archdiocese of Boston.

Sr. McDermott was a member of George-Soros-funded Catholic Alliance for the Common Good, whose main purpose was convincing Catholics it was permissible to vote for pro-choice Democrats in the 2008 U.S. national elections.  Cardinal Francis George criticized the “fraud” of CACG’s  “common good” approach and banned their materials from parishes.  It was led by former advisors to Senators John Kerry and Hillary Clinton. After the 2008 campaign, the Diocese of Kansas City newspaper reported that CACG was an instrument of the Obama presidential campaign, and that the board chair of CACG personally raised $350,000 for the Obama Campaign.  She has also been a consultant to the Catholic Campaign Human Development, which has been broadly criticized for funding ACORN, an organization which in has used portions of those Catholic funds to support pro-abortion and pro-gay causes.

Mr. Brett has personally donated funds to pro-abortion politicians including Sen. John Kerry, Rep. Michael Capuano, and Edward Markey.  As head of the New England Council, he presented the 2009 “New Englander of the Year” Award to Sen. John Kerry.

The announcement about the search says candidates must be “a faithful and committed Roman Catholic, in good standing with the Church.”  Since Sr. McDermott and Mr. Brett have personally been involved supporting pro-abortion political candidates in recent years, their continuing presence on the committee risks discouraging faithful, committed Catholics from even applying for the position.

It seems clear that two individuals who have supported political candidates who favor abortion should not be on a committee to select a “faithful and committed Roman Catholic” to represent the public policy voice of the church. 

Thank you for your immediate intervention to ensure that this search process and committee is not tainted from the start by this concern.

You can read all of the details about these two people in our last post on this issue, Mass Bishops Flubbing Search for Catholic Conference Director.  What’s not covered there are Brett’s political donations to pro-abortion politicians.  Although he voted pro-life while he was serving in the Massachusetts legislature and donated $250 to pro-life Rep.  Stephen Lynch in 2001, it’s the $1,800 in contributions to the likes of abortion supporters Sen. John Kerry, Rep. Michael Capauno, and Rep. Edward Markey and the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee (which funds other candidates) that remain troubling about him. (see FEC listing of political contributions to the right).  Plus, there are all of his associations with Jack Connors and Fr. Bryan Hehir documented last time.  We also see at another blog that he has connections to Chancellor Jim McDonough and the Hanover crowd, who are basically doing the will of Jack Connors.  Mr. Brett may have a fine record of community service, but that does not mean he is the right person to help select a faithful Catholic to be the voice of the Massachusetts bishops.

FedUp yet?  Just click on the FedUp button right now, fill in your name and address, verify your information is correct, and click submit one more time.  It will take only one minute. 

The Mass Catholic Conference is the public policy voice of the Massachusetts Bishops on a variety of concerns—the culture of life, family, and an array of social issues–and the head needs to be a faithful Catholic.  Period.  Since the head is to be a faithful Catholic, then all of the search committee members should be also, with nothing in their records that suggest otherwise.   Let’s not let them screw this one up!  

Do share this with friends and family members as well and encourage them to send the letter. And do encourage great people you know to apply for the job.  Instructions for applying can be found here.

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